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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just another thought

Just read something about the much debated topic of Bangalore’s re-christening. “Seek public opinion before going ahead with a name change” is a suggestion I’ve often come across. Exactly how do you propose to do this, I ask. Is it that easy to take a poll across the city/state to come to a consensus? And how can you be sure such a process will be foolproof? What about the monetary expenditure? Are we rich enough to invest on something like this? If we do it through newspapers and magazines, only a small cross section of the populace will be able to cast their vote; would that not be unfair to the family that doesn’t subscribe to a newspaper but is more a part of the city than the guy who’s just moved in from Timbuktu? Just a thought. Wish people would think before putting across their brilliant ideas!


* Borrowing your erstwhile blog name for the post Harish.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Food for thought!

A city girl is crowned Ford Super Model – India and as I gather from her interview, this 18 year old survives on raw fruits and vegetables. She does not touch rice and as per the interview is happy living on a predominantly liquid diet. How people manage to do this, beats me. It’s one thing to eat healthy food – removing fried food and sweets completely from the diet, but it’s entirely another thing to just have carrot/tomato/cucumber juice all through the day! Do people really enjoy this kind of food or do they learn to like it with no other choice? And is it necessary? What do we work so hard and earn all this money for if we cannot eat food of our choice and indulge in the occasional chocolate mousse?

Monday, December 12, 2005

About (Time (Flying) High)

“Good Morning Bengalooru” screams the newspaper headlines today. I’m personally very happy that they are planning to revert to the original name and I’m leaving it at that. What completely shocked me was that it’s been a good 10 years since Bombay was renamed, and nine years since Madras was and FIVE years since Calcutta became Kolkatta and it only seemed like yesterday! The last five years especially have gone so fast that things like this shock me!


Sethu and I were talking about Lara yesterday (Well, he was talking and I was just listening with Ohs and Ahs J) and he told me that it’s been a good eleven years since that great 375 knock at Antigua. And, (yeah you got it) it seems like just a couple of years ago, when my bro was raving about the performance! Hmm…time flies.


While on Lara, I must say he’s quite a looker, next only to Stephen Fleming! J And while on Cricket, I must congratulate my cricketer hubby for his fine 83* yesterday, his second match winning innings since his comeback after a serious back injury. Congrats Se, soon we should have enough watches to open a showroom! ;-)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

RadioCity yet again!

The settings are right; I AM working on a Saturday! L I came to office in high spirits today, listening to Vani Jayram and Dr. Raj singing, “Yeneno Aase…”, requested by a sweet little girl, dedicated to her mother. This was the first time I listened to RadioCity(RC) on a Saturday morning, ‘coz on other Saturdays, I’m making up for sleep lost during weekdays. And I must say I’m impressed with the great Kannada songs they play and with RJ Vasanthi who speaks unaffected Kannada for a change.


From what I’ve heard, I feel most RJs speak the language with a peculiar accent that gives one the feeling that these guys have the script written for them in English and are simply mouthing the lines. I’ve heard Kiran and Chaitanya Hegde(Is that his last name?) in the past, and I say, Kannadigas don’t speak Kannada like that! I even messaged Chaitanya once, a few years ago, telling him so. And it turned out that Mr. Hegde, (who probably thinks he’s God’s gift to Radio and Bangalore), was only used to receiving flattering messages and so, greatly offended by what I’d said, called me back. Poor me thought he was putting me on air, but was quite taken aback when he told me that the message was rude and that he was offended. Still in a state of shock, I just said I still stuck by my views and was sorry if I’d hurt his feelings. In retrospect, I feel the apology was rather unnecessary. Anyway, with this unsavory experience and listening to Mr. Hegde and his successors, I had given up hope on hearing a decent Kannada voice on RC, until I heard Vasanthi this morning. This lady speaks English, Hindi and Kannada and all with equal aplomb.


I just read that, and I’ve digressed from the subject of the post a good deal. I intended to write about Kannada movies and music of the yesteryears, but I guess that’ll have too wait…








Sunday, December 04, 2005

Radio City!

For a change, and for the first time listened to radio on my way to work today. And, I found that it’s much better than post-bath dozing and reaching office with a puffy face and smudged kajal! So, Chalo, tumkar lekar chale and bairi piya it was in Shreya Ghoshal’s saccharine sweet voice. Hope the rest of the day turns out to be as pleasant as the morning! Yours too. Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


How many times have you refused to attend a cousin’s wedding on the pretext of a Lab or internal test? Me? I’ve lost count. I never considered it a big deal, missing someone’s wedding or a house warming ceremony, until the day of my own wedding reception and the poor turnout on the occasion. Until the D-day, all that matters is the fact that you are getting married to the person you love, you don’t give a damn who makes it or who does not. But come wedding day, an empty wedding hall is depressing and the absentees unpardonable. And mind you, even the ones with the poorest of poor memories will remember if or not you were present on their wedding day. So, there’s no escaping!

Ok why all this? I just missed a classmate’s wedding due to negligence. (Actually my dad’s PC that refuses to open attachments)

But I’m making up to her by meeting her shortly. You do too if it’s happened with you. J